Designing Pressure To Defend 3×1 Open Formation Structures

Apr 26, 2014 | Defense, Pressure, 3-Deep 3-Under Zone Pressures

By Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs


skyviewtackleEditor’s Note:  The following information is only part of special report on developing a blitz check system.  The entire three-case study can be accessed through the links below:


Blitz Checks Case 1:  Introduction and Protocols


Blitz Checks Case 2: Formation and Personnel Pressure Checks

Blitz Checks Case 3: Using Pressure Checks to Attacking Protections and Personnel 


Where to Attack

In 3x1 sets, Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster prefers to come from the boundary and mug the Mike. Yet, in 2x2 formations, Foster prefers to come from the field.  “In order to get a free hitter, we try to get four from a side,” Foster told us.  “ If they track their Center to us, we’ll plug in the Safety and it will turn into a man pressure sometimes.