X&O Labs
A Research Company for Football Coaches

Since 2011, X&O Labs has served its clients with the most current and comprehensive research on all disciplines related to football. Currently, over 8,000 football staffs have become clients with access to X&O Labs’ exclusive Insiders website. The Insiders website holds all of X&O Labs’ studies, research and reports allowing clients to have first access to the leading trends, schemes, strategies and drills that are proven to maximize offensive, defensive and special team’s production. New content is published weekly in an effort to improve clients’ programs – and careers.

X&O Labs releases over 200 new clinic reports, research reports, drill reports and special reports every year in THE LAB section of the Insiders website. Using a newly refined three tier tag system, coaches are able to find content by filtering through position group, type of concept or drill work. Coaches use THE LAB to study topics that dig deeper to answer the “why” behind football’s newest schematics, more than the general overview you find in other coaching resources – and that includes coaching clinics. With each report, clients get detailed coaching points, alignments, reads, installation steps, downloads  everything needed to increase offense, defense and special teams production. These reports provide multiple coaches’ perspectives at solving the same problems and issues X&O Labs’ clients face every day.

And now, X&O Labs presents its new service, The Film Room, which is a searchable database of over 2,500 playlists of game and practice film where coaches can easily locate and study high definition film of all the concepts included in THE LAB. Coaches can use the various search functions in The Film Room to pull up film on position groups, offensive and defensive concepts and program development to quickly access what they are looking for. The Film Room is now available within X&O Labs’ client-based website, the Insiders.