Managing Off-Season Communications and Scheduling

Jan 13, 2018 | Program Development, Evaluations

By X&O Labs
Twitter: @XandOLabs 


Over the past couple of years we’ve highlighted the many ways MaxOne is striving to make football coaches’ lives easier and become more effective coaches.  

From being an all-in-one communication system for your entire program, to managing your program’s multi-layered schedules and calendars, to sport specific workouts that track results of individual players—MaxOne has given many of our readers an organizational advantage during the off-season.  

In fact, we’ve profiled many of our readers who use MaxOne in their programs and, as many of you will remember, we also conducted an RPO Summer School Course, highlighted how Communication Drives a Winning Culture, and co-developed the best practices for summer. 

With the off-season upon us, we’re excited to bring you the latest update from MaxOne. The MaxOne athlete facing Apple and Android app is complete and ready for your athletes and parents to download!