Effective Pressure Checks to B.O.B. Protection

Oct 12, 2014 | Defense, Pressure

By Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs



Editor’s Note:  The following research is part of our full-length special report on developing a pressure check system, which can be found in its entirety by clicking here.



Attacking Man/BOB Protection


Man protection is typically referred to B.O.B. or “big on big” protection. It can be difficult to attack, particularly if an offense has two backs in protection, making it a seven-man concept.  It becomes difficult to get a free hitter.  We’ve found that most coaches prefer to use some sort of Gut, or double A gap pressure, to attack man protection schemes.  While there are certain checks that defensive coaches use to attack this protection, Kuchinski’s answer has been to use a combination of twists by bringing linebackers.  In his system, Spider is a man beater that allows the ILB to the pressure to come free.  “We can run this out of many fronts but we need at least a three-technique to the side of the blitz so he can draw the attention of the OG to fan out on him, thus allowing an A gap entry point.”  In Spider, the OLB pressures off the edge getting to the up field number of the QB while the three-technique to the side of the pressure has a vertical B gap rush. “Our nose is a Bull ‘n Pull guy away from the pressure. The DE away from the pressure is a Stab player and is responsible for speed to power collapsing the pocket and up field shoulder of the QB. The ILB to the pressure bubbles in the C gap with his inside foot forward and has a read tech on the OT. As the ILB takes his step if the OT works out to him he stays tight off the vertical 3 tech and works to the A gap coming free (Diagram 96).  If the OT works down on the 3 tech he comes off the edge staying inside of the back (Diagram 97).


 To see cutups of the Spider concept, click on the link below: