4 Essentials in Developing Chemistry for the XP/FG Unit

Nov 4, 2018 | Special Teams, XP/FG

By Sam Watts           
Kicking and Punting Coach
Owner of Sam Watts Kicking
Phoenix (AZ)
Twitter: @samwattskicking


As a consultant and kicking coach, I have found common mistakes coaches teach when developing field goal units. We will discuss in detail how a holder, snapper and a kicker can become better individually while on their way to becoming an efficient field goal unit.

Missed extra points in the NFL increased last year when they moved the distance of 20 yards to 33 yards, resulting in the most missed extra points since 1972. The operation time (snap to kick) in the NFL is between 1.20-1.25. College specialist’s times range from 1.25-1.35. High schoolers time can range between 1.35-1.45. Coaches at the highest levels record every kick, snap and hold of their field goal operation.

Unit Responsibilities

Let’s start with who has what responsibilities in our unit and why.

Snapper: The snapper is to address the ball in his stance, and the stance sets the alignment for his fellow linemen. In video clip #1, watch how the snapper waits for the kicker to move sideways before he grips the ball. This allows for him to not be over the ball for too long.