Punt Block Drill Series

Oct 28, 2012 | Special Teams, Punt Block / Punt Return


  • To teach the proper placement hands and arms when blocking a kick.

  • To teach the blockers to work their arms until the very last minute

  • To help identify players who will be successful on the block teams.

    • This drill requires that the players dive onto the ground and not catch themselves. The players that perform the drill exactly as described and can keep their eyes open will be on the block teams and have the greatest chance at success.


  • No equipment is required for this drill, but you can use volleyballs to have the players actually blocking a ball when extending their hands from their hips.


The whole team begins on a yard line going across the field. The players start out on their knees, then on ball movement or coaches’ sound, begin moving their arms as if they are running. I take this time to emphasize form running with their arms bent at the elbows and pulling their elbows back as far as possible. Then on the whistle, the players, will shoot their hands straight out from their hips. Their arms should pull their body out onto the ground and their hands should cross at the wrists. If done properly, they should look like Super Man taking off.

Coaching Points

  • The arms should go straight out from the hips, not up into the air. The arms will pull player’s body out. If they shoot their hands into the air, they will end up doing a belly flop on the ground.

  • The hands should be crossed at the wrist, not parallel. This way, the ball will not go in between their hands.

  • The players should also keep their eyes open as they hit the ground, so they can watch the ball come off the kicker’s foot.


  • To work on the get off phase of punt and PAT block

  • To work on Proper Angles used when blocking a punt or PAT

  • To work on running through the block point and not leaving your feet

  • To get used to making contact with the ball at the block point


  • You will need a spacing tape, a snapper and a punter and several balls. Depending on the variation of the drill, you may also need blocking bags or volleyballs to use instead of footballs


The players will align in A-D gaps on the spacing tapes. They should be in a 3 point sprinter’s stance. On the movement of the ball, one player at a time will execute a perfect get off and run through the block point to block the punt or kick. A punter or coach will be catching the snap and punting the ball. The punter will take slow steps initially to allow the blocker to block the ball. The drill should be performed as rapidly as possible to get the maximum number of reps. Variations: This drill can be done using volleyballs instead of footballs because the volley ball will be softer on the players’ hands and make repeated contact easier. The players will not shy away from contact with a volleyball. Also, bags can be added to the OL to force the rushers to get skinny through their gaps.