Using Video Replay During Games

Jul 11, 2015 | Program Development

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar



CaptureOne little-known rule change from the NFHS two years ago has gone virtually unnoticed… and it could be one of the biggest opportunities for high school coaches in 2015.

In 2013, the NFHS changed its Football Rule to allow the use of video during games. The change allows the use of video on iPads and other tablets by coaches and players.

Specifically, coaches can use iPads and other tablets during games to communicate with players when both players and coaches are on the sideline (off the playing field); to communicate with players when the players are between the sideline and 9-yard marks; and during a conference with players inside the 9-yard marks, but only coaches are allowed to use the tablets.

However, it is illegal for coaches on the sideline to use iPads or other tablets to communicate with players inside the 9-yard marks; and, it is illegal for coaches to use iPads or other tablets to communicate with players during a conference inside the 9-yard marks.

See the NFHS’ illustrations below for a clarification and continue reading to see how to do it...



In the Real-World…

So, here’s what this rule change means in the real-world…

  • Seconds after a play, you can watch the video replay and make immediate corrections.
  • After a series, you can immediately show your players video replay and, again, make immediate corrections.
  • At halftime, your first half of film is already broken down, so you can review the video with your coaching staff, decide which corrections need to be made, and then, meet with your team to watch film and discuss the changes.

Capture3With this rule change, gone are the days of watching film on Saturday only to discover the one or two changes you could have made to win yesterday’s game. And, our favorite, you’ll no longer have to “get on” a kid on Monday due to a blown assignment, because you’ll be able to immediately show him the mistake and make changes during the game.

You can see now why we’re excited about NFHS Football Rule This rule change allows us as coaches to be more efficient, timely and it quickly improves player performance.

But Here’s the Big Question…