The Off-Season Tipping Point – Rise of a Champion

Jan 10, 2019 | Team Building / Competition, Program Development


How one coaching staff, who grew tired of early playoff exits, made an off-season change that played a crucial role in an undefeated state championship...


By X&O Labs Research Team



How close is your school to becoming a championship program?

Are you one-step away… or three or four?

Either way, you’ll want to pay close attention to this report. It’s going to show you how you can either take the next step towards building a championship program or take the one-step you need to get your next championship…

This is a case study about one high school program that was close to reaching their goals; they were admittedly a few steps away after a disappointing season.

That was when they made a decision that had an enormous impact on their program and was one of several trigger points that led to an undefeated, championship season.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What makes a Championship program?

Great coaching, an accountability culture, driven athletes, and high school athlete’s mobile phones.

Wait, what?  

Yup, that’s what Terry Wilson, Assistant Football Coach and Strength Coach for Chippewa Valley High School (CVHS) in Michigan believes, and it’s hard to argue with him based upon his results.

Last off-season he was looking for a way to give his team an edge in the weight room and take the big step from 8-1 and a playoff loss to the next level. That’s when he came across X&O Labs’ review of MaxOne, the powerful all-in-one coaching platform (MaxOne is a sponsor of X&O Labs, but we’d still use their app even if they weren’t).

The CVHS “Big Reds” are now the Division 1 State Football champions and attribute some of their success to MaxOne. We wanted to find out why.

So, we sat down with Coach Wilson to learn some more. We were intrigued by the subtle, but substantial ways that MaxOne helped Chippewa Valley become undefeated state champs.


Awaken the Beast: The Culture of the Weight Room
Built on Competition and Accountability


“The way MaxOne helped us get to the state championship game, and ultimately win it, was by creating a culture of competition in the weight room, that we didn’t have before.” - Coach Wilson.


Champions love to compete, and great programs build a culture around competition in everything they do, not just on the field but off the field too.