Summer is Coming: Build More Champions

May 15, 2016 | Program Development

By X&O Labs Staff

A very wise person—no doubt a coach—once said, “The best athletes are made in the offseason.”

Coaches know that hard work in the summer pays dividends. That’s why the best ones have a plan to engage, motivate, and challenge their athletes to put in work during the summer months. Whether it’s lifting weights, conditioning, camps, or passing leagues, they know that the off-season is when individuals and teams improve.

At the same time, coaches understand that not all athletes have the dedication and discipline to complete the off-season work on their own. In a world of distractions, some athletes live in the gap between intent and action.

Getting these individuals to take action during the summer months can be a challenge. When plans fall short, coaches need something extra to help engage these athletes. Programax may be just the thing to bridge the gap.

Here’s What We Like About Programax—And How It Can Make Your Summer Much More Effective and Efficient

A few months ago highlighted Programax, a coaching app with a wide range of functionality to help football coaches lead a better program. We had a number of readers check it out and it’s made a really positive impact on their programs. As Coach Yashinsky from Onalaska, WI said – “It’s like Hudl for managing the details that are a pain to keep track of.”  We included feedback from some others below.

As summer approaches, we wanted to revisit Programax because it provides a bunch of helpful tools for summer. 

As a coach you can:

  • Deliver texts and emails to players and parents from one place
  • Create live schedules that sync to everyone’s personal calendars
  • Deliver daily workouts with videos and tools to track
  • Generate live leaderboards right on your athletes’ phones
  • Manage your camp-sign up process

…and so much more. Check out a brief demo video here.

We at love the tool, and recommend you try it out. For a limited time, our readers can receive 10% off with this special offer from Programax (Sign up here and enter code “xandosummer” at checkout).

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