Wide Receiver Coach Research Study

Jul 14, 2013 | Program Development, Self-Scout

By The X&O Labs Staff

This week we offer a detailed look at how Wide Receiver coaches are training their players as part of our Self Scout Your Career survey results series.

As we mentioned before, survey is still ongoing (if you or your staff hasn't taken it yet, check it out here), we wanted to share some of the insight that the surveys have unearthed. We also recognize that while many of you have already taken one survey from selfscoutyourcareer.com, you likely have not seen the results of the other 10 surveys. In addition to the Wide Receiver Coach Research Report you are currently reading, we will also be releasing our Defensive Back Coach Research Report this week.

Here are a few of the highlights you will find in the graphs and questions contained in the Wide Receiver Coach Survey results below:

  • When asked what they spend the most time on in their individual periods, Wide Receiver Coaches provide the answer route technique was given twice as much (42%) as the second highest topic.

  • Over half, 51%, of wide receiver coaches use the “inside foot up, hands at the ready” stance as their standard pre-snap body position.

  • The “club and rip” release technique was the most popular (54%) to beat press coverage.

  • 71% of coaches team their players to use steps as opposed to landmarks to determine proper depth and spacing in the quick game.

  • Near half of the coaches polled (48%) teach their players to read both the leverage of the corners AND the rotation of the safeties when compared to other coverage reading techniques.