West Conn’s Post Season Self-Scout Protocols

Feb 6, 2017 | Program Development, Self-Scout


By Drew Owens
Offensive Coordinator
Western Connecticut State University
Twitter: @ballcoachDRO


With Clemson narrowly defeating Alabama in the NCAA National Championship, the 2016 college football season is officially over. I am sure your season had some highs and lows, along with some good and some bad, but with your season complete…now what? 

Like most college football programs, our focus here at Western Connecticut is on recruiting our next class, but I will also set time aside to work on our self scout. While recruiting, every program begins to explore ideas for their next year, but most of these thoughts, both X’s and O’s and philosophy are created before fully analyzing the just completed season. We have a process here at WCSU that will allow the coach/coordinator not only a better snapshot of their season but will also help a coach better understand how a football game flows. We do not want to have any innovation before fully analyzing our season.

Create Your Cutups

Create your cutups, using HUDL, DV or XO’s create files with your plays. At WCSU we break them down in the following categories and subcategories.

  • Run Game

    • Inside Zone

      • All Inside Zone

        • IZ (No Option)

        • IZ (1st Level 2 Options)

        • IZ (1st Level Triple Options)

        • IZ (2nd Level Options or RPO’s)

    • Outside Zone

      • All Outside Zone

        • OZ (No Option)

        • OZ (1st Level 2 Options)

        • OZ (1st Level Triple Options)

        • OZ (2nd Level Options or RPO’s)

    • Power

      • All Power Runs

        • 1 Back Power

        • 2 Back Power

        • Power RPO’s

        • Power (Inverted Option)

    • Counter

      • All Counter Runs

        • G/Y Counter

        • G/Y Counter RPO’s

        • G/T Counter (No Option)

        • G/T Counter Read (2&3 Options such as zone read- QB pull or Zone read with pull pitch/throw options.

    • Aux

      • Dart

      • Draw

      • Speed Option

    • All RPO’s

    • Aaa Options

    • All Inverted Reads

  • Pass Game

    • Drop Back

      • All your Drop Back Concepts

    • Quick Game              

      • All your Quick Game Concepts

    • Sprint

      • All your Sprint Concepts

    • Naked/Boot

      • All your Boot/Naked Concepts

    • Pocket Play Action