Offensive Line Coach Research Study

Jun 28, 2013 | Program Development, Self-Scout


Last week, we started our annual review of the data gathered through our Self Scout Your Career survey, the largest football coaching research study ever completed. The second installment of our series breaking down this extensive coaching data will focus on Offensive Line coaches.

As we mentioned before, survey is still ongoing (if you or your staff hasn't taken it yet, check it out here), we wanted to share some of the insight that the surveys have unearthed. We also recognize that while many of you have already taken one survey from, you likely have not seen the results of the other 10 surveys. In addition to the Offensive Line Research Report you are currently reading, we will also be releasing our Defensive Line Research Report this week.

Here are a few of the highlights you will find in the graphs and questions contained in the Offensive Line Survey results below:

  • 59% of O Line coaches believe that they need AT LEAST 20 minutes of individual work with their linemen to be successful.

  • The "Chute" is the most common piece of equipment used by O Line coaches while the "Sled" was the least common amoung the 4 choices given.

  • O Line coaches told us that hand placement fundamentals are the most under-coached aspect of offensive line play.

  • 59% of the O Line coaches surveyed believe the most important physical skill you can teach your linemen is to "stay on their course / finish blocks."

Check out each of those questions and their responses below and see how the information compares to the your team. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the data presented in this report. Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.