Defensive Line Coach Research Study

Jun 28, 2013 | Program Development, Self-Scout


The third installment of our Coaching Position Research Report series will focus on Defensive Line coaches using data gathered through our Self Scout Your Career survey, the largest football coaching research study ever completed.

As we mentioned before, survey is still ongoing (if you or your staff hasn't taken it yet, check it out here), we wanted to share some of the insight that the surveys have unearthed. We also recognize that while many of you have already taken one survey from, you likely have not seen the results of the other 10 surveys. In addition to the Offensive Line Research Report you are currently reading, we will also be releasing our Offensive Line Research Report this week.

Here are a few of the highlights you will find in the graphs and questions contained in the Defensive Line Survey results below:

  • 65% of D Line coaches get more than 15 minutes per day to work in position individual with their players.

  • Over half of D Line coaches (51%) say they spend the largest part of their individual time focusing on Block Recognition / Block Destruction.

  • 59% of D Line coaches align their players based on using Strong Side and Weak Side scheme as opposed to right and left or field and boundary.

  • 45% of coaches vary the stagger of their defensive lineman's feet to fit their ability and strengths.