Defensive Coordinator Research Study

Jul 28, 2013 | Program Development, Self-Scout

By The X&O Labs Staff

This installment of our Self Scout Your Career focuses on the many complex decisions that are made throughout the season by Defensive Coordinators.

As we mentioned before, survey is still ongoing (if you or your staff hasn't taken it yet, check it out here), we wanted to share some of the insight that the surveys have unearthed. We also recognize that while many of you have already taken one survey from, you likely have not seen the results of the other 10 surveys. In addition to the Defensive Coordinator Coach Research Report you are currently reading, we will also be releasing our Special Teams Coordinator Research Report this week.

Here are a few of the highlights you will find in the graphs and questions contained in the Defensive Coordinator Survey results below:

  • 51% of DC's surveys also serve as their teams linebacker coach.  2nd highest was DB coach with 30%.

  • The 4-3 defense was the most common base defensive front use by the coaches polled (37%).

  • 58% of the DC's stated that they want their individual periods to last at least 11 minutes.

  • Two thirds (66%) of DC's carry either 2 or 3 fronts into each game.

  • 56% of defensive coordinators tell us they usually go into each game with between 4 and 6 different blitzes.


Check out each of those questions and their responses below and see how the information compares to your team. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the data presented in this report. Please feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.

**Note: The data shown below is the current information from our ongoing study. It will likely change over time and as that happens, we will be sure to keep you apprised of the trends as they become apparent. Again, if you or your staff has not already participated, or if you want to just take a different survey (you can use the same email address without a problem) please CLICK HERE.