Navy’s Spring Practice Report

Apr 22, 2012 | Practice Organization, Program Development

Offensive Practice Real-Time Schedule 

During the spring of 2012 X&O Labs’ Senior Research Manager, Mike Kuchar, set out to visit 10 schools in 8 days.  Below you will find Navy’s spring practice report - the first of several reports on Navy football. Continue reading for all of Kuchar’s new spring practice reports posted every week.

Pre-Practice (Duration: 10 minutes)

  • QB’s/Centers/FB’s: work gun and under exchanges on sideline to ensure accuracy in footwork.
  • A Backs/WR: Partnered ball drills (play catch)
  • OL: Base footwork and steps

Offensive Play-Polish on Bags (Duration: 5 minutes)            

  • All offensive personnel worked 12/13 Load option against both 8 man fronts (Diagram 1) and two high looks (Diagram 2). 



Team Stretch/Static Stretch (Duration: 10 minutes)

  • Players worked a partnered stretch routine involving hip flexors, butterflies, seated leans, prone hamstring stretches and a calf stretch.

Special Teams - Individual Period (Duration: 5 minutes)    

  • All skill players involved in special teams worked a punt block drill, coming out of the chutes and getting to a block spot.
  • QB’s: worked partnered option drills down the line.
  • OL: continued to stretch on their own.

Special Teams - Group Period (Duration: 5 minutes)            

  • Skill players now worked a "Pods Punt" drill (Diagram 3) where they work live against a half-rush and cover a directional kick.
  • OL continued to work on their own, as did QB’s.

Ball Security Circuit (Duration: 5 minutes)