High School Coach “Hires” Digital Director of Football Operations: See What Happened Next…

Apr 9, 2018 | Program Development

By X&O Labs Research Team



When you talk with thousands of coaches every year, you get a sense what they want and need. The common denominator in our experience: coaches want more time. 

Consider for a moment what you could do to improve your program or impact your athletes if you had more time to plan, strategize, watch film, or just to invest into the culture of your team. Time is the most important resource you have, and yet the one thing you probably don’t have nearly enough of.  

This begs the question; how can you make more time? The simple is answer is delegate. More specifically, what can you delegate and to whom? 

What if there was a way for every high school football program to hire a Director of Football Operations (DFO)? Now there is… and we’re going to show you one coach who did just that. Keep in mind, until recently only colleges or high school with big-time budgets could afford DFOs. That’s not the case anymore… 

The primary duties of a DFO is to manage the logistics of a football program’s operations--things like scheduling, communication, summer-camp sign ups, texting, emailing, preparing and distributing drills and workouts, gathering materials for coaching meetings, tracking individual players’ workouts and progress, manage off-season leaderboards… and the list goes on.  

But now, every high school football program can afford a Director of Football Operations. We’ve heard from many of you that have already done so with MaxOne. Full disclosure, MaxOne is a partner of X&O Labs, but we only partner with the best of the best. 

MaxOne is a platform that allows you to organize, communicate, and train your players and program all with ONE login. Instead of having to hire a full-time DFO -- let MaxOne solve this problem for you, and for much less money. No catches or gimmicks; just a proven way to free up more of your precious time--while not having to sacrifice quality management of your program.  

To help you better understand what MaxOne could do to save you time and enhance your productivity, we will be providing monthly spotlights that share the experiences of real coaches like you.  

Our first Q&A features an interview with Coach Kyle McKenna of Brooklyn Tech High School in Brooklyn, NY. Coach McKenna has been using MaxOne for 2-months and was eager to speak with us about the impact the platform has made within his program.  

What spiked your interest in using MaxOne as your DFO?