Simplifying Film Study for the Post Season

Oct 12, 2012 | Program Development, Evaluations

By Jeff Minter


X&O Labs

Editors Note:  Since 1998 Coach Minter has served as a head coach, coordinated all three phases of the game, and worked with the defensive line, offensive line, linebackers, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. In the past few years, Coach Minter has become one of the most popular and respected coaching bloggers on the web and is excited to be a regular contributor for X&O Labs.

Playoff season has arrived and with it comes more pressure, more responsibilities and in many cases unfamiliar opponents.  Each of these factors makes it crucial for coaching staffs fortunate enough to be in the playoffs to have a detailed plan on how they plan on studying their opponent with the added time constraints and pressures.

The key to successfully navigating your post-season film study is simple...WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!

In reference to coaching and film study this does not mean you can be lazy. You still need to put in the time. However, by prioritizing and organizing how you study film you can reduce the hours you put in allowing you to deal with all of the additional variables that come with post season play.



Delegate to Dominate


The best you can, delegate the film study by position group. Doing this not only empowers more coaches and helps them understand the opponent, but it also allows for more depth of study at each of the given positions.