“All In” Wide Receiver: The Stance

Jan 23, 2012 | Pass Game Mechanics, Position Groups, Wide Receivers

Contrary to what you might see on Sunday's, the "Stance and Start" is a crucial part of wide receiver fundamentals.  NFL players get away without great starts by using their freakish athletic ability to compensate.  The other 99.99% of receivers can't afford a signal wasted inch/second in their start.  That means that you must technique and rep the crap out of this fundamental element of being a receiver.

Here is how we teach it to our receivers:


A proper stance ensures that you are in the optimal position to fire off the ball and maximize your impact on the defense.


The proper stance is more than just having your feet, hands, and eyes in the right place.  It should provide a rhythm that prepares you for optimal performance on the next play.  Use the 4 S’s cadence as follows to ready yourself for the next play.

  1. Step – up to the line

  2. Survey – the defense and check your alignment

  3. Sink – into your stance rotating your weight onto your front foot

  4. Strike – the defense with your first step.  Be the aggressor.

Coaching Points:


  • Inside foot up is ideal

  • Weight should be on the toes (heels off the ground)

  • Slightly pigeon toed with cleats dug in


  • 60% weight on front foot

  • 40% on back foot

  • Never lock a joint!  This causes false steps and takes time to unlock it

  • Shoulders over toes


  • Loose but stationary

  • Stay relaxed

  • Consistent position

  • Communicate with QB


  • Lined up with the chest of the offensive tackle (X) or the heels of the tackle (Z and H)

  • Look in at the ball

  • WR should NEVER jump offside