Developing a QB Drill System

Jul 15, 2016 | Quarterback, Drills, Position Groups

By Nick Coleman
Offensive Coordinator
Itawamba Community College
Twitter: @QB_CoachColeman


Quarterback individual is the most crucial aspect of developing a young athlete. The key to any QB coach is to have a daily, weekly, and seasonal plan for drills. Every aspect of coaching a QB starts with his feet and works up from there. Our offense has our everyday drills along with drills we do once a week and situational based on weekly game plan. The most important aspect of coaching QB drill work is to have drill correlation between drills, group work, pass skelly, and team periods. If the drill does not correlate, do not use it that day or week. 

Note that in all of our drills QBs must have active and hot feet. Every offense is built on timing and anticipation within the scheme. The active feet allow the QB to be ready for any type of disruption with the receivers’ routes. Every drill that you will see, the QB will have active feet and his base the width of his shoulders. 


Noose Drill

PURPOSE: First thing we do at practice. This is how we warm-up. Emphasizes stance, release, getting over top, sticking cuts, noose, exaggerating look and tuck, dipping and turning straight down field. QB will work on drop, reads, slides, fast feet, and accuracy of throw. QB should see reads in his head.

TEMPO: ¼ - ½  MAX

ORGANIZATION/SET-UP: Set two cones on sideline three yards from a yard line. QB aligns on yard line, can use center to work on exchange. The WR align as shown (below). He will work the release, gets back over top, sticks 2-3 times, settles closer to one cone or the other, forms noose, and works slightly back to QB. On catch, exaggerates look, tuck, and turns straight downfield, ball high and tight. QB works a drop and a play read, slides in pocket on 3rd read, waits for WR to settle, places throw away from the nearest cone on R1’s shoulder, which simulates a defender.


  1. Coach with tremendous detail.
  2. Emphasize developing perfect techniques and habits.
  3. Everything must be perfect.
  4. QB- Work on throwing away form nearest defender.



PURPOSE: Fundamentals drill where QB and other skill players perfect techniques at less than full speed as they continue to loosen up. Catches over shoulder.


ORGANIZATION/SET-UP:  Basically a circular drill with two groups. Player will align on either the right or left numbers (1 side a day).  QB will align just inside the player line.  Players will dummy down to work release as in noose drill.  On QB command, player will execute outside release and get back over top (which is the top of #s).  QB will take one-step drop, fire feet, and make a short throw with slight air over outside shoulder of receiver.  Receiver runs ball to other line, careful to stay out of QB’s way.

COACHING POINTS: Emphasize all details of receiving as in noose (stance, release, noose, exaggerate look & tuck). Do not allow QB to over throw receiver or leave ball inside numbers. Drill should move quickly with little down time.



PURPOSE:  Condition QB to have fast feet in pocket while keeping eyes downfield and going through read progression. Working on keeping front should open so you don’t close down field

TEMPO:  Full

ORGANIZATION/SET-UP:  Straddling a line


  1. Provide QBs with a play to read during  drill
  2. Get ball to proper placement at throat level or where every comfortable
  3. Feet should be hip to shoulder width apart
  4. QBs feet should be working extremely fast and he should begin moving over and back across the line simulating moving side to side in pocket
  5. Keep front shoulder open so you can see whole field
  6. Do this between 8-12 seconds.
  7. Coach should be in front watching feet, eyes, ball placement and sometimes trying to knock ball out.
  8. Two hands should be on ball at all times