“Collect” Technique to Block Movement in Gap Runs

Apr 12, 2021 | The LAB, Offense, Run Game, Gap Run Concepts, Run Game Mechanics, Offensive Line, Position Groups

By Arthur Ray Jr
Offensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Northwood University (MI)
Twitter: @CoachLA73


One of the oldest plays in football at all levels, even with the newfound love of zone football most coaches who want to run the ball still have a version of the Power Gap scheme run. My time as a player at Michigan State under my OL coach Dan Roushar this was a staple play in our offense. With the rise of Spread football, this play has evolved but the principals have for the most part stayed the same. Today we will dive into the ways I believe in and teach power from a technique standpoint, especially aiming points on our double teams, as well as blocking power vs. blitzes/movement.


In this first diagram, I want to explain how we teach Power. Traditionally Power was always a 2 Back play, but now with additions of Power Read/Jet Power, we are still finding ways to modify most offensive coaches' favorite run play. Today we will dive into the spread concept of 1 Back power and the most effective way I feel to block it. We ran various versions of Power/Read involving our QB so primarily that is what you will see in the clips!


Here is an image of Power 2 back and 1 back.

Here are the base rules for the OL:

Playside Tackle: Secure B Gap, If 3 Tech Double team (Deuce Block) to Backside LB. If B Gap is open work through under control to Backside LB.  You MUST GET MOVEMENT AT POINT OF ATTACK!

Playside Guard: Secure Front side A Gap, if 3-Tech “Deuce” Block with Tackle to the backside LB with eyes up for A-Gap run through. If there is a Shade or “2I” work drive block fundamentals knowing Tackle will secure the B Gap with movement.

Center: Gap Down and secure backside A Gap! Do not allow a DL to Cross Your Face. If there’s a 3-tech, work flat shuffle technique to down block principles.

Backside Guard: Square/Skip Pull with maintaining EYES on P.S. LB/ if he bails outside on jet eyes immediately go to backside LB or first guy Inside. Make sure we are getting enough depth so we can sort through the trash and adjust

Backside Tackle: Post, Seal, Hinge! Secure Backside Backer than Hinge for DE. If you have a 3-tech backside Jab down hard on 3-tech until you feel the Center’s presence, then Hinge for DE.