In-Season EDD’s in Man Protections

Jul 20, 2018 | Offensive Line, Pass Protection Mechanics, Position Groups

By Ken Ingram
Offensive Line Coach
George Fox University (OR)



Pass protection is all about the development of hands and feet, but it’s the eye discipline to play with the right leverage that often gets overlooked. Regardless of the time of rush an offensive lineman is combating, it becomes essential to be in the right position to get between the quarterback and the defender to ensure the ball gets released on time. These are the 12 drills we will work during the season to develop the skill sets of our offensive linemen in pass protection.


Drill 1: Kick Slide Drill

This is one of the first drills we do for pass protection. We want to concentrate on these skills.

  • Balanced stance
  • Push off the front foot, kick with the back foot
  • Always coaching: hips down, head up, chest back, hands six inches in front of chest
  • Looking for a base with the feet, both side to side and forward backwards.
  • Once they have kicked four times, hold the position to see if they are in the proper position.


Diagram 1


To study film of this drill, click on the video below: