Drills to Block First Level Twists in Pass Pro

Sep 14, 2015 | Offensive Line, Pass Protection Mechanics, Position Groups

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar


Editor’s Note: The following research was part of X&O Labs special report on Man Pass Protection Drills. The full-length version of this special report is in our Insiders membership website. You can join the Insiders by clicking here.



wmuWhile many of the techniques in the special report can be applied when blocking stagnant or stationary targets, the greater issue in pass protection is coaching players on how to defend movement, particularly at the first level.

This report is devoted to the techniques and drill work associated with defending E/T and T/E games, zone pressures and man pressures in pass protection. We researched not only how offensive line coaches are teaching their players to identify pressure, but more importantly, how to block it when it does come. Before we delve into the techniques these coaches use and the drill work that corresponds with it, a brief background on who our contributors are:

The Contributors (in alphabetical order):

  • Chennis Berry (CB), Offensive Line Coach, Southern University (8 sacks allowed in 2014, 4th in FCS).
  • Brian Callahan (BC), Offensive Line Coach, Western Michigan University,
  • Vin Giacalone (VG), Offensive Line Coach, Valparaiso University (5 sacks allowed in 2014, 1st in FCS).
  • Herb Hand (HH), Offensive Line Coach, Penn State University.
  • Art Kehoe (AK), Offensive Line Coach, the University of Miami (allowed 1.6 sacks per game in 2014).
  • Brandon Jones (BJ), former Offensive Line Coach at East Carolina University (371 passing yards per game in 2014, 3rd in FBS), currently at Cal Berkeley.
  • Jonathan Leibel (JL), Offensive Line Coach, Central Connecticut State University (11 sacks allowed in 2014, 10th in FCS).
  • Cameron Norcross (CN), Offensive Line Coach, Fresno State University.
  • Ryan Stancheck (RS), Offensive Line Coach, Alcorn State University (7 sacks allowed in 2014, 3rd in FCS).
  • John Strollo (JS), Offensive Line Coach, Ball State University (13 sacks allowed in 2014, 12th in FBS).

Single Man Twist Drill: Southern University