Implementing a Pre-Season O-Line Drill Catalog

May 8, 2017 | Offensive Line, Drills, Position Groups

By Justin Iske
Offensive Line Coach / Co-Offensive Coordinator
Southwest Oklahoma State University
Twitter: @justiniske


Working with your players during the off-season is critical to having success during the season. Regulations on time, equipment and number of players you are allowed to work with have forced coaches at all levels to be more creative when it comes to getting work done while staying within the rules and keeping your players healthy throughout the off-season.

One tool that is underused during the off-season is watching film. With programs like Hudl, it is easy to make teach tapes of individual plays or techniques to help your players continue to get better. It is also a good idea to film your off-season drills to review with your players.

Bird Dog Pass Sets

This is a great way to work all of your offensive linemen (and tight ends) at one time to maximize reps. If you have a grass area that you can form a grid with 5x5 squares that is great. If not, you can use yard lines and towels to get the same results. If you can’t do a grid and don’t have access to lines, simply use the towels as landmarks.

  • Line up all of your OL’s and TE’s on a grid (or you can use yard lines and towels) by position.
  • Call out a play and snap count.
  • Drill can be done for one step, two steps, or through a whistle.



Wave Drill

Another drill that can be done with everyone at one time. This drill is a great warm-up drill and it allows the players to feel proper body position for both pass protection and run blocking. It can also be used as a conditioning drill to develop core strength and overall stamina.

  • Line up all of your OL’s and TE’s on a grid (or you can use yard lines and towels) by position.
  • Point in a direction and then call out snap count. Change direction every 2 to three steps or as desired.
  • Drill can be used as a warm-up and/or as a conditioning drill.
  • Side to side = pass pro demeanor.
  • Forward or backward = duck walk / run.


Pass Pro Shuffle

This drill incorporates a kick or post set and change of direction. It can also be used as a conditioner. The key coaching points in this drill are carrying the hands correctly, proper weight distribution and keeping the feet as close to the ground as possible as you slide.

  • Divide OL’s into three groups (right-side, left-side and centers).
  • Align 1st player at the sideline of the field on a yard line. Have them kick or post (based on position) five yards and back as many times as desired.
  • Once all three groups have gone, start over with all going the opposite way first.
  • In the diagrams on the right, the left side would kick to the left first, then post back to the right. Right side OL’s would post to the left first, then kick back to the right. Center’s would kick in both directions.


Pass Sets (Kick – Post)

Drill can be done with everyone going at once on air or can partner them up to give players a defender/landmark. Align defender head-up, inside, outside, on the body or off the body to force them to adjust their footwork accordingly. Use the drill as a progression by having the players take one step, then two. Can progress to timing up the punch and then redirecting and/or reacting to a pass rush move.


  • OL starts in two or three-point stance with outside foot in the corner of two perpendicular lines (or rolled up towels).
  • On command, he will take his first step over the line for width and depth.
  • Drill can be done for one step, two steps, or through a whistle.
  • Drill can be done on air or versus a defender.