Whole Part Whole Method to Teaching Pressure Patterns

Mar 10, 2019 | Defending Pass Game, Position Groups, Linebackers

By Zach Cunningham
Defensive Coordinator
Del Sol High School (NV)
Twitter: @CoachCunny



I want to thank X&O Labs for the opportunity to contribute to this amazing football coaching community. It truly is an honor to be a part of something so special for such a long time. Coaching defense is fun, exciting, and tough. One of the more interesting aspects of coaching defense is the blitz game. Just like how offensive guys get “giddy” about new pass concepts and blocking schemes, us defensive guys get just as excited for blitz packages. No matter how exotic the blitz packages you come up with are, you will get burned unless you have an effective system in place. Within this system, you need to have adjustments and have a validated reason for calling the blitz.

When installing blitz packages, or even a defense for that matter, you need to have a system. A sound system is one that can adjust to multiple formations, motions, etc. A sound system also must be simple enough for your players to be able to make the adjustment quickly.

Our teaching progression begins on the board. Note: by the time we start installing blitz packages, we have already taught the basics of our defense to the players: positions, gaps, techniques, etc. We will teach the run/pass rules of the blitz on the board. Then on the field, we will walk through the blitzes on trash cans to get a lot of stationary reps.