Utica College Defensive Line Drill Catalog

Nov 10, 2019 | Drills, Position Groups, Defensive Line

By Ben McKaig
Defensive Line Coach
Utica College
Twitter: @McKaig_Ben



Woodman vsFrostburgThe offseason is drill season. At Utica College, we place a heavy emphasis on using drills outside of the season to work on the little things that make winning defensive line play. In this drill report, I am going to share our stance and get off drill progression that we do daily.

Editor’s Note: Please review the brief drill outlines below and then scroll down for the full 20 minute video featuring these drills.

1 Step Launch

  • DL in a stance across from crash mat
  • On ball movement
    • DL takes first step
    • Push off first step and launch onto crash mat
      • Land on belly
      • Triple extend ankle, knees, and hips
      • Explosive jump through the first step
        • Work to generate power and explosive ability.
        • Roll the hips


6 Point Punch Progression

  • Speed punch placement
    • DL are in a 6 point stance, toes of cleats tucked, shading their partner
    • Partner standing in good bent stance with hands on hips and chest exposed
    • On the whistle DL will punch shade with proper hand placement
      • Shade hand on shade number, outside hand clamps shade arm
      • Thumbs up elbows tight
    • Rapid fire
      • On each whistle, quick punch and reset
        • Emphasis on accuracy and speed of the punch
  • Punch extension
    • Punch and grab, hands above eyes
    • Full hip extension, Full arm extension
    • Coach resets the drill each time
      • Emphasis on power and locking out hips and arms
      • OL head will snap back
  • Punch explosion - 2x each shade
    • Punch the shade, pressing thru the toes with full hip extension
      • Emphasize exploding thru toes
      • DL will come off of the ground
    • DL should land on their stomachs

123 Step

  • All players line up on the line facing coach
    • Front foot should have toes touching the line
  • On ball movement, players take 1st step
    • Step should land close to the line players are lined up on
  • Reset – two steps
    • Quick feet, tight hands, thumbs up
      • Avoid the hop – 2 quick steps
    • Flat back, good knee bend, hands above eyes
  • Reset – Full get off
    • Quick feet, roll hips, finish through
  • Can be performed with an OL
    • Incorporate punch, extend, rip and finish

Crash Mat Base Blocks