Pass/Screen and Screen/Screen Options Off Number 3 Defender

Mar 11, 2021 | Screen / Pass Options, The LAB, Offense, Screen Game

By Robin Bowkett
Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator
Souhegan High School (NH)
Twitter: @coachbowkett


We would classify ourselves as a multiple spread option offense. We have a read key or two on pretty much all our plays and concepts. We took this into account when building our screen game as well. Historically, our program has been a real solid screen team as our personnel upfront and on the perimeter helps dictate that. We devote a ten-minute screen period during our offensive practices in the preseason which helps emphasize the importance of screens within our offense. We feel the benefits of running read screens include, tagging off our base plays, carry over for the offensive line, can call on any down, gets athletes in space, and forces the defense to defend the whole field.


TB Slip Screen

The first screen we will talk about and install is TB Slip Screen. This screen generally is a PSO (pass screen option) and we like to pair it with one of our base pass concepts. We install this screen first because it marries up with our base pass protection. We like it best vs off zone coverage, but you can run vs man. This past year, we ran the stick concept with slip but in the past, we have mainly run 3-man snag. We like to run this out of 3x1 as we feel it is less crowded for the offensive line and simplest for the QB. We also like this screen because it an easy read for the QB regardless if the defense is in an Even or Odd front.  Versus a four-man front, the Read will be the Playside backer, the Sam in a 43 or the Mike in a 42 box.  Against a 34 look, the read is still the Mike backer and vs a stack look, the read will be the Frontside stack.   This is a great play vs pressure as long as the OL can account for the defender responsible for the back.