Gallop Footwork in Pin and Pull Runs

May 1, 2023 | Offense, Run Game, Pin and Pull Run Concepts

By Mike Kuchar with Brian Gabriel
Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach
Monmouth University (NJ)
Twitter: @CoachGabeMU



“Field vs. Boundary Methodology”

Much of Monmouth’s Pin/Pull runs are utilized to the nub side of the formation. Makes sense, considering most of the time the first puller gets matched up on a smaller corner in support. But in talking with Coach Gabriel, he asserts that field configurations are always better than boundary when it comes to using the Pin/Pull scheme. “We prefer it one way and that is to the field,” he told me. “It gets very expensive against Odd looks.” That comes at the expense of boundary linebacker run throughs that can ultimately affect the efficiency of the play. “Pulling the backside Guard is a problem to the boundary, so we will get out of the play and run something else.”

As far as Even fronts go, the preference is an Over look because it allows the Guard to be the first puller. If you get into some sort of 3x1 closed formation, the slot and Guard are both able to block support. “It becomes a combo game with the Guard and slot,” said Coach Gabriel.


The first puller has immediate leverage on play side linebacker allowing the ball to get into the alley quickly.


This 4-2 box also allows the Center to identify the backside linebacker as the point and because he has leverage is able to work directly to him on a slip block without pulling.