The QB Run Menu in the Spread Wing

Feb 26, 2024 | Offense, Run Game, Gap Run Concepts, Overload Formations, Formation Structures

By Mike Kuchar with Ken Vigdal and Thomas Vigdal
Head Coach and Quarterback Coach
Le Mars High School (IA)
Twitter: @kevigdal



For a large portion of my coaching career, I ran the double-tight Wing-T offense. A significant aspect of that offense involved using fakes and motion to distribute the ball to many different offensive threats. As defenses continued to increase the numbers in the box, we made the decision to transition to the spread wing. Despite keeping our motions and fakes, we were no longer effectively getting the ball to one of our key threats: our quarterback.  Our offense has truly flourished with the installment of the quarterback counter.  This past season, our quarterback led the district in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.



We started with our 2-back backfield and ran the basic G-T counter with our quarterback. Our play selection grew as we started using a variety of formations such as trips, wing sets, and our unbalanced formations.  By adding these other formations, we had to add tags to our counter names, so the players would know who was exactly pulling and who was covering.


Blocking for G-T Counter

PSTGap down to backer (#1 coaching point, if the tackle does not have a great angle to down the defensive end, leave him for the pulling guard.)
PSGGap down to backer
COn or cover for pulling guard
BSGPull and kick out the first man to show. If the defensive end squeezes and closes the gap, we will wrong arm and seal everything to the inside.
BSTPull and lead up the hole. He has to read the numbers of the pulling guard to see if the guard is kicking the end out or sealing him to the inside.
QBWill open to the side of the H by pivoting back on his front foot, so his feet are parallel, fake handoff to the W who is in the pistol, then pivot back to the backside and follow pulling tackle.
WFake getting the handoff and aiming on the inside leg of the tackle to help block defensive end or blitzing linebacker
HLead on the outside leg of the guard, for aiming point, to block the defensive end.
X,YStalk corner
ZStalk OLB