Spread Gap Schemes Study – Case 2: The Single Pull Power/Power Read Concept

Jan 6, 2016 | Offense, Run Game, Gap Run Concepts

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar



noufbThe single pull Power concept was the most utilized run concept out of Spread personnel groupings, with 89 percent of coaches using this scheme. What’s more is that over half of the coaches that responded to our survey have averaged between 5-6 yards per play on this concept alone. While the power scheme may be one of the eldest run concepts in football, how these spread coaches are formationing the scheme to reach maximum efficiency continues to be of interest. The Power concept is the truest in the form of a gap scheme because it produces the “down, down, kick” component that these gap concepts employ.

General Blocking Assignments:

Before presenting our research on what we found to be the most advantageous formations to run the one-back power concept, as well as the mesh points and reads that encompassed with the scheme, we felt it necessary to present the general blocking rules of the scheme from each of the programs that we researched.

Ohio Northern University (Diagrams 10 and 11)


PST (play side tackle): B Gap responsibility/Double 2-3 technique/Gap climb v. 2I-1-0 technique… stay square.

PSG (play side guard): A Gap responsibility/Double 2-2I-3 technique with PST/Block down on 1 technique/Double 0 with OC.

OC: Back side A Gap responsibility/Block back on 1-2-3 technique/Double 0 with PSG.

BSG (back side guard): Lead Pull/1st Defender outside widest down block.

BST (back side tackle): Back side B Gap/Gap hinge.

PSTE (play side tight end): If PST Covered (4-5 technique) C Gap responsibility/Double team with PST. PST uncovered (7-8 technique) D gap responsibility. Block first defender outside Level 1 or Level 2.

PST uncovered (9) C gap responsibility…Gap step – climb square…Block 1st gap threat…anticipate run thru.

H: Kick first defender outside widest down block.

Shiloh Christian High School (AR) (Diagrams 12-13)


X: Split: Top of the numbers (as tight as 6 yards from tackle). Dig out backside flat defender.

H: Alignment: Rip/Lip; Kick out the C gap defender using 3 step kick footwork aiming at inside number.

Y: Split: -2 (as tight as 6 yds. from tackle); Dig out play side flat defender.

Z: Split: 2 above the numbers; stalk cornerback.

PST: Down B gap to 2nd LB in the box (Deuce Back).

PSG: Down A gap to 2nd LB in the box (Deuce Back).

C: Down 1st defensive lineman backside.

BSG: Skip pull (shoulders parallel) and wrap for first LB in the box.

BST: Zone fill B gap (pick and hinge).

Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)

PSY (play side Y or H back): Block play side C gap player.

PST: B gap or backside ILB, sift if odd.

PSG: Block A gap or backside ILB.