Lead Draw Footwork and Varying Mesh Points on Backside of Duo

Dec 18, 2023 | Offense, Run Game, Gap Run Concepts, Tight Zone Run Concepts

By Mike Kuchar with Sean Devine
Offensive Line Coach
Villanova University (PA)
Twitter: @devine_sean



Like most Duo operations, Villanova terms the front side as the back side as vice versa. The play is meant to wind back. But in order to shore up the front side, there can be no penetration on the backside. And against Odd fronts, that can become an issue. That’s why Villanova coach Sean Devine teaches lead draw footwork and lead draw timing. “It’s much more suitable to build a wall on the backside by presenting pass protection,” said Coach Devine. “We did it against Odd fronts with the 4i because of movement. The Guard and Tackle are responsible for those two defenders. And you can pass those guys off better.”



Villanova makes its identification very simple. The Center counts to three outside in from the backside and will block number three. That is the defender he is working toward. If he’s covered vs. Odd, he calls for help with Guard and the Center always steps opposite of his help.