Pre-Snap Screen Rules Off Run Actions

Dec 21, 2019 | Offense, Pre-Snap Relief Throws, RPO's

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikeKKuchar



Editor's Note: The following research was conducted as part of X&O Labs’ special report on “Scaffolding a Pre-Snap RPO System.” Continue reading to discover more about this in-depth study.


At Downey High School (CA), anytime Coach Plaa doesn't tag a pass, the wide receivers know to automatically run what head football coach Jeremy Plaa calls his “screen rules.” These are known as “True/False” concepts. “Our screen rules change weekly based on getting the ball to our fastest wide receiver moving away from the box,” said Coach Plaa. These routes could be bubble, could be outside wide receiver screen, could be a slot screen. The single-side wide receiver runs a win route for screen rules, which could be a hitch, out, go, or inside 9 Breaker route. “If the quarterback sees six in the box or inside blitz against True/False he throws screen rules. Because of the trapping guard, the quarterback knows he must throw the ball quickly (Diagram 34).”