Backside Tags and RPOs to Protect the Stick

Oct 2, 2017 | Offense, Post-Snap Manipulations, RPO's

By Jacquez Green
Offensive Coordinator
Godby High School (FL)
Twitter: @JacquezGreen




The stick concept is a versatile and effective concept as it can be run out of many formations (2x2, 3x1, 2x1 and Empty Formations) and a variety of offenses from pro-style to the spread offenses and even the Wing T. It works because it places a horizontal stretch on your underneath defenders and it’s a short distance throw. We also use this concept because it’s a high percentage throw for the quarterback, slows down an aggressive pass rush, a great play versus the zone blitz. In addition, this concept also gives us a chance to create personnel mismatches with our athletic receivers on linebackers.

As with any concept that you run a lot, you must find ways to protect it. There are various ways to protect it, choose one that goes along with your personal philosophy on offense.

There are several ways to protect the stick concept:

Backside Tags

  • Empty –Double Slants, Slant w/ Flat, Quick Out w/Go)
  • 3x1-Hitch, Slant, Slows Screen
  • 3x1-HB Choice (RB on an option route vs the Will LB)
  • 3x1 & 2x1-Spot (Snag with wide route)
  • 3x1 & 2x1-Spill (Snag with wheel route)


  • Draw
  • Tunnel Screen
  • Slow Screen
  • Lock Stick

HB Choice