Abilene Christian Vertical Settle RPO

Feb 14, 2016 | Offense, Post-Snap Manipulations, RPO's

By X&O Labs
Twitter: @XandOLabs

Editor’s Note: The following report is an excerpt from X&O Labs’ brand-new, 250-page book, The Complete RPO Manual. To request your copy of this book, please go here.

Vertical Settle RPO Concept:

Instead of running a Stick/Draw concept, Abilene Christian uses what offensive coordinator Nathan Young calls a ‘vertical settle’ concept (Diagram 22), which is paired with, Inside Zone run action. The quarterback will read the back side inside linebacker on the play. “If he runs with number three or bails to zone, we give the run,” said Young. “If he sits at all, we are working the vertical settle to the bubble. If he likes the hitch pre-snap, he can take it now,” said Young. According to Young, the settle can’t be run at top speed. “The ball should be caught around ten to 12 yards,” said Young. “Find the dead spot in the zone behind the linebacker and in front of the near safety and shuffle. We do not come to a stop as we want to hit him on the move. Do not bend it so sharp that you get into the back side safety’s business.”


To see cutups of Abilene Christian’s Vertical Settle Concept, click on the video below: