3×1 Counter Trey/Glance RPO

Jan 8, 2018 | Offense, Post-Snap Manipulations, RPO's

By Nick Coleman
Offensive Coordinator
Itawamba Community College (MS)
Twitter: @QB_CoachColeman


colemanMost RPO concepts involve quick game tags off of the run game. While these can be very effective concepts, we also wanted ways to stretch the field with RPOs as well. The offensive philosophy behind our Trey concept is to make the defense cover the field vertically. This not only gives us a chance at larger chunk plays, but it also serves to control the safeties that are looking to stick their nose into the run game.

Base Concept:

This concept is based out of 3x1 and allows the QB to have five options on any given play. We can run the play both towards and away from trips in this formation. The routes are as follows:

  • The #1 receivers on both sides are running 5 step glance routes on the outside.
  • The #2 receiver in trips runs a bubble route.
  • The #3 receiver in trips is also running a 5 step glance concept in the middle of the field.

While we predominately ran this piece away from the trips this season, there certainly are opportunities to be had running it trips and out of other formations.

We like to pair this concept with our inside zone, power, and outside zone with an RPO action. To modify the play for the RPO, we will use our back side tackle as a “lock player” instead of the full zone concept. This gives our QB more protection to make this throw.