Training the QB in PSOs (Pass/Screen Option) Concepts

Apr 20, 2018 | Offense, RPO Drills, RPO's

By Mike Kuchar 
Senior Research Manager 
X&O Labs 
Twitter: @MikekKuchar 






Editor’s Note: The information presented in this report is from our latest special report, 2018 RPO Evolution. The 3 new trends revealed in this report will bring a new wave of RPO production next fall. Continue reading this special report for more information.

One of the more current branches growing from the RPO tree is the implementation of screen concepts that are attached to the drop back pass game. It’s probably one of the newer trends in the RPO menu. According to our research, only 39 percent of coaches are attaching screens into their pass concept menu.

To be clear, a PSO (pass/pass option) couples a quick game to the concept side (such as stick, snag or shallow) with a delay screen to the running back on the backside. These take the place of any other backside options such as a free access throws to the X or a two-receiver mirrored concept progression. According to coaches, there many advantages to attaching backside screens into the pass game menu. Some of the more common benefits we found are below: