By Greg Lauri

Offensive Coordinator

John Glenn High School

I would first like to thank X&O Labs for the opportunity to contribute to the study of the bunch formation on their Insiders website.  I think that this website is representative of all the good that football coaches do.  The sharing of information is critical to the development of coaches and the advancement of the great game of football.

I would also like to thank Dave Shanahan, our Head Coach, for the opportunity to develop our offense.  Over the past four years we are 43-3, with back-to-back County and Long Island Championships.  Over the past two years, as the offensive coordinator, along with the support of Coach Shanahan, we have moved our offense to a new level.  We are a spread team, then we implemented our empty package, which helped us obtain our first championship.  This past season we continued to develop our empty package and added some bunch formations, which helped us obtain our second championship.