Streamlining Gap Scheme Teaching with the Spot Method

Apr 29, 2018 | Offense, Run Game, Gap Run Concepts, 11 Personnel Concepts, Personnel

Matt Drinkall
Head Coach
Kansas Wesleyan University (KS)
Twitter: @DrinkallKWU



Every offense is looking for effective and efficient ways to run the ball. A good gap system is a tremendous concept to carry because it facilities an offensive system in many ways. This report will detail the value and details of carrying a gap series, our base gap concepts, variations, and complimentary plays.

Why Gap Runs?

Our gap system is one of the most critical components to our offense. The reason I have chosen this package to detail in this article is because I believe any offense can incorporate this series and benefit from it. My favorite aspect of this play series is it is completely quantifiable. Each component of the play has easy measurements to determine correct vs incorrect. Our gap system facilitates an offense in a number of different ways:

  • Multiple personnel groups
  • Multiple formations
  • Easy to shift & motion to
  • Flexible to personnel
  • Fits most down & distance
  • Useful in any field zone
  • Excellent against movement
  • Easy to add variation to scheme
  • Outstanding for complimentary plays

Unique Teaching System

We have come up with a simple and all-encompassing way to teach our gap system to our players. I have coached in multiple systems and this is, far and away, the most effective and efficient means of communication and learning style. Our communication system totally simplifies assignments and removes the need for defensive recognition. Our system utilizes one-word assignments and teaches defensive alignment by theory. By coaching the system our way, we have built-in answers for any front we face. It has helped the most against 3-4 defenses that pressure and replace by dropping safeties into the box. It is an airtight, clean; concise manner of teaching that I am certain will be beneficial to your program.

Base Gap Terms

We have developed an outstanding teaching system that allows our gap system to operate seamlessly between plays, players, and defensive fronts. We have developed a unique terminology system that has made a gigantic impact on the effectiveness of our Gap plays. The most important aspect of our gap system is learning the terminology in our teaching, and then the play defines assignments. 

  • A-Spot: first level-two defender head-up, to back-side the center
  • B-Spot: first level-two defender play-side of the center
  • Wham: the block on the play-side C-gap defender
  • Wrap: back-side player working up B-Spot

The play side three offensive linemen always have the same assignments. Our play series determines which player is the Wham and which player is the Wrap.

Gap 1

Gap 1 is the first play of our three-play gap series. Gap 1 uses the FB as the Wham and the BSG as the Wrap. It is commonly referred to as the Power Play.


Blocking assignments are as follows:

PST: Gap to A-Spot

PSG: Gap to A-Spot

C: Back

BSG: Wrap to B-Spot

BST: Singe

FB: Wham

Gap 2