Complete Installation: Shotgun Buck Sweep Concept

Dec 8, 2019 | Offense, Run Game, Pin and Pull Run Concepts, 11 Personnel Concepts, Personnel

By Brett Myers
Head Coach
Middletown Area High School (PA)
Twitter: @mtownfbinfo



Over the past three years at Middletown Area High School we have reached new heights as a program. We have won 3 Division titles, 3 District titles and made 3 straight appearances in the PA state finals. Our record is 53-6 over the past 4 years. There are many reasons for this success but one of the major pieces that have led to this success is our run game out of the spread and our top play over this period has been the BUCK SWEEP. The reason the buck sweep has been such a large part of our success is that it matches our core beliefs.

By adding the Buck Sweep to our spread offense, it has given us a chance to be physical against teams that we cannot move off the ball vertically. The buck sweep is the most fundamental play in football. It takes a total team effort to run this play. With that type of scheme and with proper technique you can have success with less talent. With, another benefit to the Buck sweep in our spread 2 back offense is that we can spread the field to give our players better blocking angles and get people in space. The more formations we can come up with the better. These formations will give us the angles we want and put different defensive players in conflict.


Coaching Points

We will start with our rules for the Buck Sweep

PS-TE-gap, down, backer - if flexed inside backer

PS-TAC- gap, down, backer

PS-G- pull kick out force player (open 5 o'clock crossover get inside out)

Cen- A gap to A gap-(most dangerous threat from play-side A gap to Backside A Gap)

BS-G- quick pull and wrap looking for backside lber

BS-TAC-Pull check & hinge

PS-HB - wing gap down backer/spread stalk unless in motion, chip end work to the the backer

FB- if QB under center carry out trap route if in H back reach 1st guy outside tac block

BS-HB- jump snap aiming for FB heel taking the handoff reading the flank, must make 90-degree cut, if TB spot run through QB hands reading flank looking to make a 90-degree cut.


To study game film of this concept, click on the video below: