By Mike Kuchar with Pete Sterbick
Offensive Coordinator
Colorado School of Mines
Twitter: @coach_sterbick



Colorado School of Mines has been a 10 personnel outfit for quite some time. And they’ve spent the last couple of seasons at the top of Division 2 statistically in total offense and passing offense. Offensive coordinator Pete Sterbick has an extensive package of concepts from compressed formations and in order to break tendencies he’ll hit the reset button each week to build around them. “I like the diversity of where we are with bunch leverage wise,” he told me. “It takes teams out of having to play man. They have to move people around and matchup. And it  gives advantages to under speed teams.”


Formation Verbiage:

Essentially, CSM will operate out of the following formation structures in its bunch and compressed menu:




Bunch Empty:


2x2 Stack:


Any “track” added to the verbiage signifies an unbalanced, 4x0 formation.