QB Draw: Converting on Long Yardage

Jan 2, 2017 | Offense, Run Game, 10/00 Personnel Concepts, Draws and Isolations, Personnel

By Phil Longo
Offensive Coordinator
Sam Houston State University
Twitter: @CoachPhilLongo



sam houstonThe Iso Draw is perhaps our favorite play in our offense. It is incredibly versatile for us as we can run it at nearly any time. Ideally, we are running this play on downs where they are most apt to be defending other things or on downs where we get the greatest displacement on the linebackers when we drop. But we can also run it on 1st and 10 or 4th and short. This past season it just happened to be more so on first down. Regardless, we have found this to be a very effective conversion play. This clinic report will outline the base concept and variations that we like to use to keep the defense guessing.

This Iso Draw concept is used to attack any 5 or 6 man box while pairing it with passing concepts on the outside. While the passes and screens that we use to compliment the play change, the base Iso concept will remain the same. This concept is one that we can run on at down or distance and that we can run as many as 20 times a game. That said, each time we run it we will come from a different formation or grouping to keep the defense off balance.

Blocking Rules

The blocking for this concept is simple but agile. We will have the play side tackle, back side guard, and back side tackle vertical set and wall out their defenders. This goes against almost any front. The changes take place when we get to the center and play side guard. These two players are responsible for the nose and back side backer in this scheme. They have three options that they can use to take care of their assigned players, a combo block, a base block, or a fold. What they choose, of course, is based on what they see in terms of defensive alignment.

If either of them are uncovered, they become a straight release player to the back side backer. In a gap situation, they are going to combo to the backside. If we get a really heavy shade, they will fold with the center folding around the play side guard then back to the back side backer. This works particularly well against teams that give us a 2i to that side to stop our Inside Zone.