By Mike Kuchar with Conner McQueen
Offensive Coordinator/QB's
University of Incarnate Word (TX)
Twitter: @Conner_McQueen



If you’re even remotely familiar with the deep choice system, then chances are you’ve seen the switch vertical concept that has been a staple in these offenses. Programs like Tennessee, USC, Georgia State, Fordham, Old Dominion, and Incarnate Word have used it to generate maximum efficiency in the passing game. For Incarnate Word, the Twist concept has produced an 80% efficiency rating and generated an explosive play (12 yards or more) every time it was completed.

For offensive coordinator Conner McQueen, the Twist concept is used both to the field and to the boundary. It’s used with both six-man protection and seven-man protection and on any downs. It was the number one pass concept in the Cardinals’ menu. As a graduate assistant at USC under Lincoln Riley, Coach McQueen already had extensive knowledge of the concept. So, when he was hired by head coach and prior holdover Clint Killough it was a no-brainer to be a day one install.

“Receivers were our best players here when I got here so it made sense to hit the ground running with it,” he said. “In doing this, you’re allowing your best players to make decisions on the run. And if they have a good grasp of it they will make you right.”

The structure of the Twist or switch vertical concept is simple: outside receivers are taught to Dig read routes while inside receivers work either a vertical or drop out. We’ll explore the specifics shortly, but the foundation is what is presented above.


The Apex Defender Read:

Before delving into the route tech and responsibilities of receivers, it’s important to note that while some coaches emphasize reading from outside in, Coach McQueen teaches his quarterback to read inside out, by having them wired in on overhang defenders. “This gives receives the freedom to make decisions downfield based on secondary looks,” said Coach McQueen. “When you run this concept the right way, the only thing that can cover receivers is the underneath defenders.”