Delaware’s Drive and Pivot Concepts Out of Empty Formations

Jul 30, 2012 | Offense, Pass Game, 10/00 Personnel Concepts, Intermediate Pass Concepts, Personnel


By Jim Hofher,

Offensive Coordinator,

University of Delaware

Editor’s Note:  X&O Labs’ Senior Research Manager, Mike Kuchar, was granted exclusive access to the University of Delaware’s Offensive Coordinator, Jim Hofher.  During this meeting, Coach Hofher, revealed his drive and pivot concepts out of an empty formation. If you have any questions or comments, please post in the "comments" section below this report. 


Field Drive/Boundary Hinge Concept (Diagram 1)



  • Three-man side executes "Drive" Concept
  • Two-man side executes "Hinge" Concept
  • Formationally, the three-man side should be to the field, while the two-man side will be to the boundary.   This can be altered based on game plan.

Field Drive Rules:

  • #1 Receiver: Takeoff route; get on top of defender.
  • #2 Receiver: Underneath route; get under the movement key (which is the play side inside linebacker).  Must fight his way under the wall.  Target is at four yards. Create an oblique angle. Must take an outside release to gain width and also to create a passive rub against man.
  • #3 Receiver: Outside release and run an in route try to gain no more than four yards width with his release to 12 yards.  Twelve yard speed cut and becomes an automatic rub.

Boundary Hinge Rules:

  • #1 Receiver: Seven step hinge (out route) or convert to a go route against a low cornerback. Against press technique, the hinge will convert to a go.  In Coach Hofher’s words, "The QB doesn’t get off of the X side just because it’s press, but we will get off the X side if there is safety help."
  • #2 Receiver: "Protection Release Go (PRG)" trying to pin the expanding coverage player.  The goal is to protect the hinge route so that the flat player cannot get under number one.   He must rip to outside hip of defender.  As Coach Hofher states, "He may rub or initiate contact while running.  We want alley players to be unable to affect hinge."