Corner Post (COP) Tag Concept in Quick Passing Game

Oct 10, 2022 | Offense, Pass Game, Quick Game Pass Concepts

By Michael Hartman
Head Coach
Arroyo Grande High School (CA)



We are always looking for ways to attack the two high safety defensive structures that we see in our 2x2 and 3x1 formations. As defenses have gotten better at covering traditional high-low Smash concepts (Hitch-Corner, Out-Corner), we have needed to find adjustments that allow us to get to the middle of the field in our quick game. One successful answer we have found at Arroyo Grande High School is our Corner Post tag.


Coaching Points

Understanding Defensive Structure -- We teach our players a very simple one high vs two high pre snap read. Versus two high defenses, our players know that the deep safety is responsible for #2 receivers going deep (in a Cover 2 or Quarters based scheme) with underneath help from a second level defender (a linebacker or rolled down safety). For our Corner Post route, our #2 receivers know that they need to sell that they are running a corner route.

Stem Release – Our receivers stem to gain leverage on the defender that they need to “beat” on any specific route. On a Corner route by the #2 receiver, we stem to gain outside leverage on both underneath curl droppers and deep safeties. This not only gains us width for Corner routes, but it also opens up the middle of the field for Corner Post.