Boundary First Reads in the Quick Game

Apr 17, 2023 | Offense, Pass Game, Quick Game Pass Concepts, Intermediate Pass Concepts

By Mike Kuchar with Luke Schleusner
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach
University of Idaho
Twitter: @LukeSchleusner



Idaho builds it pass game off field and boundary concepts. While Coach Schleusner designs his pass game based on field and boundary routes, he’s built a simple boundary progression read for his quarterback. These progressions are combined with quicker reads and shorter throws which helps get the ball out more quickly. During the course of the season, these have become terrific two-minute throws and can be run with both tight ends and wide receivers.

Coach Schleusner calls these concepts his Baltimore series. They consist of the following designs:

  • “Ripken”- Fade/Out concept
  • “Baltimore”- Smash concept
  • “Maryland”- Inverted smash concept
  • “Spoon”- Sail concept


Quarterback Progression:

These are all boundary first reads for the quarterback and it’s the first read in his progression. “We’ve gone away from picking a side,” said Coach Schleusner. “He knows where to go with his eyes as soon as we break the huddle.” So, regardless of the coverage, the quarterback starts his eyes to the boundary. And because Idaho will get a myriad amount of coverage variations to the boundary, Coach Schleusner talks less about coverage and more about whether or not the route is open. On these boundary concepts, the quarterback is told to speed up his drop, particularly if he knows he’s throwing the hitch. He calls it “gun plus three,” meaning it’s not a one step drop.

On any token or run action fake - which many of these are built off of - the launch point is not deeper than eight yards. So, the quarterback is taught “pop” footwork which means to not crossover after the fake. He just flips his hips.


Fade/Out Concept (Ripken):

At the core of this boundary package is the fade/out concept. Coach Schleusner prefers a 10-yard out from number two with a mandatory outside release by number one.