Shotgun Wing T Reverse Package

Oct 27, 2019 | Offense, Wing T, Offensive Systems

By Ken Vigdal
Offensive Coordinator
Brookings High School (SD)



For a large part of my coaching career I have run a Wing T offense.  I started with the double tight formation, through time I implemented the gun, and now we are a spread wing offense.  The reason for the change to the gun was that defenses continued to put more and more defenders in the box.  We then went to the spread to help our running lanes open up.  As defenses have changed and adapted to the spread offense you see more 3-3 or 3-5 defenses.  One formation we have kept throughout our transitions is our unbalanced formation from under center.   We have kept this formation because it forces defenses to practice against a non-traditional spread set.  They have to use their practice time to defend this formation and all it brings with it.  Most, if not all of the teams in our conference run a spread offense. This gives us another opportunity to do something different that other defenses will not see every week.

Diagram 1


Alignment Adjustments

We keep our normal two foot splits for our offensive lineman.  The left tackle moves to a position between the right tackle and the right tight end.  The reason we move the left tackle to this position is that the right tackle and the right guard are used to working together.  We want to keep that consistency when we run other parts of our gap schemes.  The fullback heels are at 4 yards from the ball.  The tailback is slightly ahead of the fullback, usually heels at fullback toes and splits the inside leg of the right tackle.  The wing is in a 1x1 position off the left tight end. 

Diagram 2


Blocking rules

  • Play side Tight End gap down to double and on to backer
  • Left Tackle on for double to backer
  • Right Tackle double or gap down to backer
  • Right Guard on gap down to backer
  • Center on or cover for Left Guard
  • Left Guard gain depth on pull and kick out the first defender outside the double team
  • Weak TE pull and lead up the hole inside the kick out block, look inside first, if no one, look for corner or safety
  • Fullback depth of 4 yards, will have to be quick off the ball and cover for the pulling TE
  • Tailback depth of 4 yards, alignment inside leg of right tackle, will work across the formation. If player has great hands, receive it like a handoff and give to the wing, if not have him receive it with the shelf technique. We always find that back the can take it and give it like a hand off.
  • Wing 1x1 off the TE, takes an outside jab step for time to let the fullback get to his blocking assignment. He then gets 2 yards depth and takes the handoff from the tailback, cuts up inside the kick out block.  He will receive the ball on an inside handoff.
  • Quarterback reverse pivot out, to the midline, second step has to be stepping towards the TB. Gives the ball to the tailback and continues on inside the kick out block and lead block for the wing.