Manipulating 9 Potential Conflict Defenders in the Wing T

Aug 30, 2021 | Offense, Wing T, Offensive Systems

By Rob Armstrong
Offensive Coordinator
Baker High School (FL)
Twitter: @robarmstrong41



It is an honor to have the opportunity to share a few of the concepts we use against a variety of defenses. I would also like to thank X&O Labs for this opportunity. Everything we do is based on the defender's reaction to the conflicts we create. This report will focus on creating individual conflicts and calling plays depending on how the defense adjusts.


Attacking 4-4/Conflicting the OLB

Anytime we face an 8-man front we like to start with an over formation. This gets a corner removed and lets us see how they want to position the strong OLB and DE.  We immediately want to conflict the OLB with Rocket or Power. This is a simple conflict to create.  The rocket motion forces the OLB to stay wide for contain, but the OLB is still responsible for forcing the Power. We will call what he gives us.



Editor’s Note: Coach Armstrong has provided narration for each clip below:


Clip 1: Notice the OLB widen to the play side. The Rocket has loosened him enough to come back and kick him out with Power.  Also, notice how wide the WB catches the ball.

Clip 2: Power after running some rocket/jet motion successfully, the Key blocks by play side wing taking the OLB wide and the TE cutting FS off.

Clip 3: Notice how running the Rocket has made the OLB widen for an easy kick out on the Power. Good job by fullback getting his head inside and good job by the RB turning up.