Flexbone Issue – Case 5: Flexbone Preview for 2019 – What You Must Know

May 15, 2019 | Offense, Flex Bone, Offensive Systems

By Dr. Lou Cella
Sport and Performance Psychologist



Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech combined to do the following in 2018:

  • Played 39 games.
  • Executed 2,653 plays.
  • Averaged 68 offensive plays/game.
  • Ran the football 86% of the time.
  • Averaged 58 running plays/game.


45% of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s combined offense consisted of the following three concepts:

1: Zone Option with Variations.

  • This includes Speed Option, Quarterback Power, and Quarterback Sweep.
  • Zone Option with variations was run 461 times.
  • This concept was 17.4% of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s 2018 Offense.
  • Zone Option with variations is the featured constraint when they don’t get four yards on the give phase of the Triple Option.


2: Triple Option

  • This is the “Inside Veer” concept.
  • Triple Option was run 403 times.
  • This concept was 15.2% of Army, Navy, and Georgia Tech’s 2018 Offense.
  • Triple Option is more than just a singular concept, the Triple Option is the foundation of the offense.