Red Zone Snag Off Orbit and Jet Motion

Nov 13, 2015 | Offense, Red Zone Offense, Game Planning

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar



The following research was conducted as part of special report on “Spread Passing Study: Snag Concept.”

Snag Off the Jet Sweep

Jim Ahern at Lansing Catholic High School (MI) will utilize the snag off his number one run action, the jet sweep which is usually from unbalanced sets. “We are an unbalanced set, with a flanker/tight end, and a twin set opposite that,” said Ahern. “The quarterback’s pre-snap read is the corner to see if he feels that the flag route might be open, and to check any possible blitz look. Post snap if he felt the flag route might be open, he peaks to see if it is there. If it is, he throws there. If it isn't there, he will read the flat defender for the snag route or flat route. The reason that we have had success with the route is that it takes advantage of how defenses try to stop our jet play.”