Virginia Tech’s Field / Boundary Blitz Checks

Aug 19, 2014 | Defense, Pressure, 3-Deep 3-Under Zone Pressures

By Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs

Field vs. Boundary Pressure Checks

Another common pressure check is a blitz to either the field or boundary side.  While this blitz patterns may vary, it’s important to note that coaches will have a check built in to either of these variables.  Bud Foster combines his field and boundary pressures based on surfaces.  “With our field pressure, we have the ability to attack a surface,” Foster told us.  “If they give us a two man surface to the field or passing strength, we have one pressure we run.  With one pressure check, we can bring two different pressures based on surface.” This could come in the form of a Whip Dog (Diagram 58), which sends the Mike into the B gap, and the Will as the perimeter rusher in the C gap.   


To see film cut-ups of the Whip Dog Pressure, click on the link below: