3-3-5 Firezone Pressure Package

Jan 3, 2020 | Front, Defense, Odd Front Structures, Pressure, 3-Deep 3-Under Zone Pressures

Aaron Hancock

Head Coach

Wyoming High School (OH)


A defense must be able to effectively pressure the QB in today’s offenses. The quarterbacks of today are the best athletes on the field and can make big plays in an instance. That is why we like to be the aggressor on defense, set the tone and never let the quarterback feel comfortable. In 2008, I began to look at various concepts of pressure defenses; man, zone, matchup zone, and fire zones. I wanted to bring the pressure but not risk giving up a big play over the top of the defense by playing man coverage. I wanted a system that was easy to remember and the players could recall the rules very easily in the action of a game. The fire zone concept is what I believed gave us the best advantage to be successful in the 3-5 defense.

Advantages of using fire zone coverage:

  1. Base Cover 3 principles, no new techniques to teach.
  2. All eyes are on the QB!
  3. Easily adaptable to new pressures.
  4. Secondary can give faster run support than in man coverage.
  5. Easily adjust to offensive formation, and still be able to run your pressure, no need to check off!
  6. You don’t need elite athletes to run fire zone, a less athletic defender can cover an elite receiver.
  7. Less chance to give up a BIG PLAY!

For more information on the basics of Coach Hancock's Zone Blitz concepts, click the video below: